Tour Guide Rashan at the Nana Market in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Our guide Rashan from Sri Lanka gives us a short tour of a street food stand at the Nana market in Colombo and shows how the dishes are prepared.


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Rashan at the Nana market in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hi everyone.

We are here in Colombo today at the Nana’s market, the best streetfood in town. Walk with me and you can see what they are doing at the warmer.

Over here is the boss, and he is in charge with all the people eating over here.

Over here we have a barbeque machine.

Now I take you to the corner over here.

This is one of the other good food called Kottu Roti.

He is chopping the Kottu Roti over here.

So over here this guy is a Naan Roti over here.

So here at the Nanas you have the best streetfood in town.

Over here you can see the chopping again.

So that’s how it is, if you are excited, you should be here of course.

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