Bhutan Roundtrips

Bhutan is a still undiscovered travel destination in the Himalayas – only a few years ago it emerges from self-imposed isolation. Bhutan offers its visitors a very special journey, past lush pastures, towering peaks, hidden monasteries and untouched forests. The land is ideal for individual travel. The way of life of the Bhutanese gives one the unique opportunity to get to know the Buddhist culture and its traditions in an authentic environment. Be inspired by our sample tours Bhutan.

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Personal advice for your individual Bhutan roundtrip

Selected Highlights

Bhutan Karte

Paro – hiking to the famous Tiger’s Nest

Thimphu – capital and king’s palace

Punakha – the magnificant Punakha Dhzong

Bumthang – fascinating landscapes

Possible itinerary: Paro – Thimphu – Dochula Pass – Punakha – Trongsa-Bumthang – Phobjikha – Paro

Main Sights of Bhutan

Bhutan is full of highlights; the country offers a wide range of places and attractions to visit. To give you a first insight, we present some of Bhutan`s highlights here. We would be happy to give you more tips and information about Bhutan in a personal conversation.

Tiger Nest

Tiger's Nest

One of Bhutan’s most iconic landmarks, high above the city perched on the edge on a cliffside, is the Taktsang Monastery, or also known as the Tiger’s Nest. The monastery is considered one of the holiest sites in Bhutan and can be reached only by one of the most famous and picturesque hike trails of the country. Which makes it a unique experience.

Paro Dzong


Paro is not only known for its international airport, but the city is also home to several historic monasteries, temples and dzongs. The city is the perfect place to get a first impressions of the rich cultural heritage of the country. With the Rinpung Dzong, the Kyichu Lhakhang and Drugyel Dzong, the city reflects in a perfect way the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Bhutan Prayer Flags


Thimphu, largest city in the country and the capital of Bhutan is not only the seat of the king, you can find here also a development between traditions and modernity. On the one hand Thimphu offers many modern styled buildings, but on the other hand the city still has preserved its cultural heritage, with several traditional buildings. Thimphu offers a special atmosphere which is complemented by the natural scenery of the river and mountains.

Bhutan Rice Paddies


The Bumthang Valley is a district located in central Bhutan, known for its beautiful landscape, religious sites, and cultural significance. The valley is one of the most historic and important districts in Bhutan and is often referred as the spiritual heartland of the country.

Green Tiger’s Special Bhutan Tours

Very friendly people, breathtaking mountain ranges, traditional life, many colorful and different festivals and a deep insight into the original form of Buddhism. We can especially recommend the Bhutanese festivals, which are unique in their form. We are happy to help.

As varied as Bhtuan are our individual journeys. Our travel suggestions are only guideposts and suggestions for you. They show you ways to travel this country individually and privately. But we are happy to adapt your trip completely to your wishes and create an all-inclusive package for your dream vacation.

Bhutan is a predominantly Buddhist country. This is where Mahayana Buddhism is practiced, one of the main beliefs of Buddhism, which has reached Central and East Asia through the Silk Road. In Bhutan, Buddhism is not just a religion, but a philosophical form of life.

We are looking forward to arranging your personal trip to the land of happiness. Just call our travel experts or sent us an Email.

Bhutan – the Land of Happiness

Bhutan is known for his governmental approach to maximizing the “gross national happiness” of its inhabitants. This is done through a balance of religion, culture, nature and economy. One of the reasons why the happiest people live here, who are interwoven with their culture.


FAQ About Bhutan Roundtrips

Best Travel Time North Bhutan

If you would like to go on a tour of the Himalayan Mountain range in northern Bhutan, the spring months from March to May are particularly suitable for this. In addition, the autumn months of September and October are very suitable for a trip to this region. At this time, you will hardly have any rainfall and will be rewarded with blue skies.

Best Travel Time Central Bhutan

To explore the center of the country, the months of April to the end of October are considered the best travel time for Bhutan. During these months. the temperatures during the day are usually between 20 and 25 degrees, in the summer months even maximum temperatures of up to 30 degrees are reached. Ground frost is to be expected at night from October.

Best Travel Time subtropical south of Bhutan

The south of the country has a tropical to subtropical climate, so temperatures are warm to hot all year round. November to March is the best time to travel here. During this time, the humidity is not too high, and rainfall is rather rare. Temperatures around 25-degree mark between November and March. Therefore, this travel period offers the best conditions for great discovery tours in southern Bhutan.

The official language in Bhutan is called Dzongkha, but English is also widely spoken in Bhutan, especially in the younger generation.

The main Religion in Bhutan as in most Asian countries is Buddhism. You can see and feel the deep spirital connection all over the country.