Green Tiger Travel Destinations

Green Tiger Travel offers you individual advise for your trip to selected destinations. We have a special connection to all our destinations. This we like to share with our customers.

The Green Tiger Team consists of travel experts for Southeast Asia and Bhutan. We have lived in some of our countries for a longer period. Every year we travel to them to explore new tours for you.

In brief we have a unique inside knowlege of the destions we offer. Additionally we have developed trustworthy partnerships with locals on-site. Therefore we can compose extraordinary tours which will lead you off the beaten tracks.

Southeast Asia

Cultural diversity, fascinating natural spectacles, historical sites and fantastic food. Southeast Asia offers numerous travel experiences you will never forget. In Vietnam you can explore a new culinary speciality in every litlle town. Cambodia combines history with untouched nature. In Laos you will feel the tranquillity of Buddhism. The people of Myanmar are lookig forward to welcome you. The nature of Indonesia is breathtaking. Thailand offers dream beaches and tasty food. Malaysia impresses with its enormous contrasts. We are looking forward to planning your next trip to Southeast Asia


The beautiful himalayian state Bhutan has its aim to make its population happy. The combination of religion, nature, culture and economy is supposed to maximize the happiness of the people. The visitor can experience the buddhist traditions anywhere in temples, monestary fortresses, festivals and interactions.

Other Destinations

Outside of Southeast Asia, you can discover Sri Lanka and New Zealand with us. Sri Lanka, the pearl in the Indian Ocean, attracts with lush rice fields, palm-fringed coastlines, relics from centuries-old Buddhist tradition and an impressive fauna. In New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, an infinite spectrum of everything that nature has to offer awaits you: a unique flora and fauna, picturesque fjords, active volcanoes, tropical beaches, rainforest and huge mountains with ancient glaciers.