Thailand Roundtrips

Thailand is probably the most famous travel destination in South-East Asia. Green Tiger Travel brings you on your individual tour to Thailand away from the tourist centers on far-off routes into the “real” Thailand. Of course, the sightseeing-highlights do not have to be left out. You tell us how you want to travel, and we will put it all together individually.


Iris Gaess

Personal advice for your individual Thailand roundtrip

Selected Highlights

Thailand Karte

Koh Lipe

Khao Sok Nationalpark

Bangkok – Capital of the Kingdom

Koh Surin

Ayutthaya – the ancient capital of Thailand

Possible itinerary: Bangkok – Soi Yok National park – Ayutthaya – Khao Sok National Park – Kwai River – Beach (Depending on the season)

Main Sights of Thailand

Thailand is full of highlights; the country offers a wide range of places and attractions to visit. To give you a first insight, we present some of Thailand`s highlights here. We would be happy to provide you more information about Thailand in a personal conversation.


Despite the city`s size, more traditional districts have a more village like character. Numerous markets invite you to explore, and the many different temples outdo each other in their splendor. Enjoy a city with many contrasts, an exciting history, and a colorful mix of inhabitants. The sheer number of sights, temples, street markets, and culinary highlights in the metropolis of Bangkok is overwhelming.

Chiang Mai Rice Paddy

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand`s second largest city, is one of the countries’ cultural and economic centers. The over 700-year-old royal city also called the “Rose of the North” not only impresses with its pleasant climate, but also with its diverse possibilities.

Thailand - Tambon Hin Tung - Khao Yai Nationalpark - rote Blüte

Khao Sok National Park

Among the species-rich fauna, endangered species such as the Malayan bear or the swallowtail feel at home. The park is especially known for its colorful dragonflies and butterflies, some of which are enormous in size. The sights of the park are numerous, waterfalls, mysterious caves, mystical stalactite caves and mighty rapids. The highest point is Khao Mok at 960 metres. The flora is home to some breathtaking plants, including Rafflesia kerij Meijer, known for its giant flowers and smell.

Thailand Sukothai

Temple of Sukkothai

If you like the temples of Angkor, you definitely also like the temples of Sukhothai. Indeed, there are temple ruins galore in the historic of Sukhothai. All of them are unique in their own way and embedded in a shady forest as an ensemble. This makes Sukhothai, just like Angkor Wat & Co, a “must go” for all temple fans- but also worthwhile for everyone else!

Green Tiger’s Special Thailand Tours

Thailand has everything to offer what your heart desires. Wonderful temples, secluded mountain villages, vibrant city life and, of course, fantastic white dream beaches. Green Tiger Travel specializes in showing the authentic and original Thailand.

We will trek with you through far away mountain villages around Chiang Rai. Discover the seclusion of the mountains and marvel at the white temple of Wat Rong Khun. We take you to one of the most pristine regions of Thailand: the Isaan. Rice fields to the horizon, curious children and a very tasty and authentic regional cuisine. You will hardly meet other travelers here and get to know Thailand from a very “atypical”, but very charming side.



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FAQ About Thailand Roundtrips

The climate is as varied as the country. The optimal time to travel always depends on which part of Thailand you want to visit. The east and west coasts in particular are very different in terms of weather. On the plus side, there is always a good place to go to the beach, at any time of the year. One more note: the peak travel season for Thailand is between November and April. This also means that prices for hotels, tours and excursions are highest here.

Northern Thailand is particularly well suited for trekking tours and intercultural encounters with ethnic Thai minorities. Here you can do wonderful 2- or 3-day tours through the mountains of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Or you can discover the remote Isan region in the northeast of Thailand.

But when is the best time to travel to northern and northeastern Thailand? We recommended travelling to northern Thailand between the months of November and April. These are the months when it rains least and therefore the hiking routes are best.

Most of the time, your trip through Thailand begins in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. From here you can take wonderful little trips to the old temple city of Ayutthaya, to the province of Kanchanaburi to the river Kwai or to the island of Koh Chang.

When is the best time to visit Central Thailand? Here we recommend the time between November and April. It’s the dry season and it almost never rains. The humidity is not that high. Here the hottest months are from February to May.

Island paradise on the Gulf of Thailand. The east coast of Thailand is particularly known for its wide variety of diving spots and snorkeling opportunities. You can an also “hop” from one island to the other and thus explore the entire archipelago of Koh Samui. When is the best time to travel to the east coast of Thailand? Here we recommend you totravel the east coast of Thailand in the months of January to May. The temperatures here are between a pleasant 30° and 34°. So perfect bathing weather.

The west coast has a very different climate to the east coast of Thailand. Known for its picture-book dream beaches such as Koh Phi Phi or James Bond Island. But also, for its southern islands, which are still largely undiscovered by tourism and where you can simply let your soul dangle. Note: the island of Phuket often serves as protection from the open sea. As the weather can be clear and hot on Krabi and it can rain on the west coast of Phuket and up. That’s why islands like Koh Phi Phi or Koh Lanta are often particularly popular with travelers due to their constant climate. 

When is the best time to travel to the west coast of Thailand? We recommend traveling the west coast between the months of November and March. The west coast is of course particularly popular between the months of December and January and therefore also has the highest volume of tourism.

The official language in Thailand is called Thai, English is often considered as unofficial second language and therefore common in Thailand.