Sri Lanka Roundtrips

Sri Lanka or Ceylon is a pearl in the Indian Ocean. Due to its compact size, Sri Lanka offers an incredibly rich range of captivating activities for individual travelers. Sri Lanka is justifiably famous for its beautiful beaches. Palm-fringed, an inviting warm ocean, a large variety of established resorts at the south and west ends, mixed with sleepy fishing villages and untouched paradises in the recently liberal north and east ends.

The country’s wild animals also attract many visitors. There are more than 440 bird species, 33 of which are native to the island. The forests of Sri Lanka have the highest density of leopards in the world and are home to the largest wild elephant herds. Convince yourself of the fascination of Sri Lanka! Just contact our Sri Lanka travel advisors.


Sri Lanka Map

Main Sights of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is full of special sites to see; the country offers a wide range of cities and sites to visit. To give you a first insight, we present some of Sri Lanka`s highlights here. We would be happy to give you more information about Sri Lanka in a personal conversation.

Sri Lanka Central Province

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the oldest national park in the country. Some areas are already protected since 1899. Today, only a part of the national park is accessible to visitors in order to give the animals as large a retreat as possible. The so-called Block 1 serves mainly as a destination for day tourists. An extended tour to one of the more remote corners of the national park offers a unique experience and the chance of a very private leopard sighting. But in all parts of Yala National Park, nature is quite impressive: dunes, lagoons and coastline give way to trees and bushes, rocks, plains, and waterholes.

Sri Lanka Sigiriya


The Sigiriya rock plateau, formed from the magma of an extinct volcano, it is located in the heart of the island between Dambulla and Habarane and is 200 meters higher than the surrounding jungle. The rock is also known as Lion Rock because of its natural shape, which, when viewed from the right side, gives the appearance of a reclining lion. At the top of the rock is an ancient palace and fortress complex of immense archaeological significance, so it is not surprising that Sigiriya is often dubbed the "Eighth Wonder of the World" by locals.

Sri Lanka Curry


Colombo is situated in the west of Sri Lanka directly on the coast and is the unofficial capital of the country. (Officially it is Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte). The city was once an important trading hub for the spice, coffee, and tea markets. Colombo's history is correspondingly varied. The Portuguese, the Dutch and finally the British ruled successively as colonial masters and set their architectural priorities. But much earlier, from the 5th century onwards, Roman, Chinese, and Arab traders shaped the cityscape. Modernity has in turn added its own buildings to the appearance, so that you will encounter a colorful variety in Colombo.

Green Tiger’s Special Sri-Lanka-Tours

Our individual trips to Sri Lanka are unique experiences. Sri Lanka is a special experience even for experienced travelers to Asia: the impressive diversity of the island, the impressive culture and the fantastic landscapes are unique.

Discover the favorite island of the gods in the Indian Ocean on foot, by bike, by train or in a Safari Jeep. You can round off the trip with an indescribable stay on the beach at one of the numerous dream bays.

Convince yourself of the fascinating culture of the pearl in the Indian Ocean, immerse yourself in a wide variety of landscapes and let your mind wander on breathtaking beaches.

Do you already have more precise ideas about your trip, but do not yet know how you would like to implement it? We would be happy to advise you and look forward to your message.

FAQ About Sri Lanka Roundtrips

The best time to travel to the south, southwest and west of Sri Lanka is from November to March. At this time, the temperatures range from 29 to 32°C with a water temperature of 27°C – perfect for a beach holiday. During the southwest monsoon from mid-May to the end of September, however, a visit to this region is not advisable: severe flooding and landslides can occur at this time.

While the southwest monsoon rages in the south and west of Sri Lanka, it is the ideal time to travel to the north and east of the country. From March to November, it is a pleasant 27 to 29°C with relatively high humidity. Between December and March, the northeast monsoon brings moisture from the Bay of Bengal, resulting in heavy rainfall. Although the rainfall and storms are not as pronounced as on the south and west coasts of the country, a longer stay in this region should still be avoided during this time.

The official language in Sri Lanka is called Sinhala. But English is also common in Sri Lanka.

The amount of the tip can vary depending on the type of service and satisfaction with the service. A rough guideline for tipping in Sri Lanka is to give about 5-15% of the bill amount as appreciation. For small amounts, you can round up the amount. It is advisable to tip the person directly. However, in some smaller hotels there are also common “tip boxes” for the entire staff.

The main Religion in Sri Lanka is as in most Asian countries Buddhism.