Frequently Asked Questions to Green Tiger Travel

In the following we have compiled for you the answers to some questions that reach us regularly. It is about the process of the travel booking with Green Tiger and general questions before and after the trip to Southeast Asia. Do you have a questions that is not answered here? You can always contact the travel specialists of Green Tiger.

Frequently asked Questions about Green Tiger Travel

We organize for you a private trip to Southeast Asia and can thus respond individually to your wishes and expectations. Our Southeast Asia travel experts will advise you expertly and share their own experiences with you. You can plan parts of your trip with us, or the entire vacation. In addition, we have close contacts with our partners in the target countries, who ensure that everything runs smoothly.

You can send us a no-obligation inquiry via the contact form. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail. We are also available for a personal consultation. This is also possible on request outside our business hours and as part of a home visit.

The offers on the homepage are to be seen as sample journeys. Because each trip is individually tailored to you and built according to your ideas. In addition, we also help you organize your trip to other destinations. We know some travel experts, which we gladly recommend. Simply contact us.

We have developed our own sustainable corporate strategy and on this basis, we promote sustainable tourism on a broad basis. For example, we work with communities in rural areas to create sustainable economic benefits locally. This is done with our local partners, for example by promoting new tourism projects with the strong involvement of the local population. You are welcome to visit and support these projects. We want to protect what we love, and we would like to keep you informed about sustainability for your journey.

Your payments are fully and legally secured by R + V insurance, so you can enjoy your holiday worry-free.

Southeast Asia is an excellent destination for families with children. Residents are extremely kid-friendly, and we can help organize your individual family vacation, according to your needs. You can make your holiday as adventurous or relaxed as you like. So, your trip will be an unforgettable experience for all family members.

Southeast Asia is generally easy to travel all year round. The optimal travel time differs from country to country and every travel time has its own charm. Our travel specialists will be happy to advise you on your desired travel time. In addition, we have provided you with some information on the different travel times to Southeast Asia on our travel blog.

Frequently asked questions before traveling to Southeast Asia

Our service offer includes the organization of your visa formalities. Our travel consultants will gladly take care of this for you. Pay particular attention to the validity of your passport for at least 6 months

The German Federal Foreign Ministry recommends standard vaccinations, which must be checked and completed according to the current vaccination calendar of the Robert Koch Institute for Children and Adults. Divided by country, you will find travel medicine information on the homepage of the German Federal Foreign Office.

It is important to protect yourself against mosquito bites because of Malaria. Here we would like to draw particular attention to a prophylaxis leaflet for travelers.


Due to the mosquito- infection risks it is recommended to all travelers:

  • to wear light-colored clothing (long trousers, long shirts),
  • to apply insect repellent on all free parts of the body throughout the day (dengue) and in the evenings and at night (malaria)
  • if necessary, sleep under an impregnated mosquito net

For further prophylaxis or emergency self-therapy we recommend consulting a tropical medicine / travel physician as a precaution.

We offer you to book a cancellation insurance directly from us. Here we work together with the German insurance Hanse Merkur. We will gladly inform you about the details.

Each country has its own currency, in Thailand, for example, you pay with the Thai Baht and Vietnam with the Vietnamese Dong. Often it is also possible to pay with US Dollars. We are happy to inform you about the individual options of the respective currency and the current exchange rate.

Frequently asked questions while traveling in Southeast Asia

The intricacies of your journey can be made flexible, since we work together with the partners directly on site. Even larger changes can be organized to some extent. However, these may be associated with costs, for example in the case of a hotel transfer.

You will receive from us a contact in the country, which you can reach with a 24-hour hotline at any time. In addition, our travel experts are available in Germany.

Basically, you should behave polite and responsive. Remember the name of your counterpart. It is often a nice way to start talking about the different names. In addition, the locals are particularly happy if you memorize a few words in their language.

If you are invited to a private apartment, it is customary to take off your shoes. You should not stretch your bare soles to anyone, or even Buddha figures, and do not stick your chopsticks vertically in your rice. Do not try to cross your legs when sitting, as this is considered as rude.

Of course, if you are generally respectful and relaxed, no one will blame you for a faux pas. On the contrary, they often provide an opportunity to exchange with the customs of the host country.

You can donate money, and in many areas, people will gratefully accept it. However, you should pay attention to who you actually support through your donation. Children who are sent by their families to beg should not be given any money to support child labor in the country. It makes more sense to donate directly to a children’s aid project. We are happy to inform you about the various aid and protection projects in our target countries, which you can visit during your trip.

For any further questions please contact the travel experts of Green Tiger Travel.