Myanmar Roundtrips

Our individual trips Myanmar are unique experiences. Although you may have known other countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is different!

As authentic as life is the smile and partly the astonishment of the people in the encounters with us foreign visitors. Now there are opportunities for positive change: the exchange of different cultures or the economic upswing of the country through tourism are just two aspects. We take you on our individual private trips away from the usual tourism on far-off routes in the real Myanmar.

Christina Bauer

Personal advice for your individual Myanmar roundtrip

Selected Highlights

Myanmar Karte

Mandalay – die city of kings at the Irrawaddy river

Bagan – fields of pagodas at sunset

Ngapali Beach – unforgettable beaches at the Gulf of Bengal

Inle Lake – one-leg rowers and floating villages

Yangon – Shwedagon-Pagoda – the religious centre

Possible itinerary: Mandalay – Bagan – Kalaw – Inle See – Ngapali Beach

Main Sights of Myanmar

Myanmar is full of amazing sites to see in the country offers a wide range of places and attractions to visit. To give you a first insight, we present some of Myanmar`s highlights here. We would be happy to give you more information about Myanmar in a personal conversation.

Myanmar Dos & Don'ts

Kayah Staat

As they are a subgroup of the Karen people in Myanmar, Kayah people are also called Red Karen or Karenni. Characteristic for the women of this population group is the wearing of heavy, spiral-shaped neck jewelry as well as metal spirals on the forearms and legs. There are many rumors surrounding this tradition, which is sometimes practiced even by small children; ultimately, however, wearing the heavy jewelry is an expression of beauty.

Inle Lake Fishermen

Inle Lake

Around the lake, the impressive and up to 2000-metre-high Shan Mountains rise into the sky. The lake is particularly famous for its floating gardens. These are beds that are planted in the shallow water and are very fertile. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers are grown here. These fields, based on a solid mass of marsh, soil and water hyacinths, are so fertile that they can even be harvested several times a year.

Myanmar Chin Staat

Chin State

Chin State is located in the western part of Myanmar bordering India. The population is a Tibetan-Burmese ethnic group known as Chin. The people comprise about 1.5 million Chin, who belong to about 37 different groups. This area has only recently been opened for tourists. As a result, Chin State is one of the last few areas that is largely untouched by tourism. Many off the villages, can only be reached on foot, as there are still few to no tarred roads, power lines or internet connections.

Star Tortoise Myanmar

Wildife Sanctuary Minzontaung

One of the last known populations of the Burmese star tortoise in the wild is in Minzontaung. However, there are too few animals to survive naturally. The last chance of survival for the turtle species is breeding in so-called hatcheries. The Wildlife Sanctuary Minzontaung has set itself the task of securing the population of this endangered species

Green Tiger’s Special Myanmar Tours

Do you like trekking? We offer you an extraordinary trekking tour through the Chin-state. The region was just opened for tourism in 2014 and is known for its breathtaking mountain views and its remarkable habitants. You meet the locals on your homestay and can visit the legendary temple city of Mrauk U.

The dream beaches on the west coast of Myanmar offer you a perfect finish of your holiday. Many people say that Ngapali Beach reminds them of Thailand 20 year ago: only few tourists, long golden beaches and crystal clear water.

On a day trip to St. Andrews Bay, you do not only have the opportunity to enjoy the great sandy beaches in St. Andrews Bay, but also to get close to the locals. The St. Andrews Bay is far away from the usual tourist routes and is therefore rarely visited by travelers. Enjoy the peace and seclusion of Myanmar and immerse yourself in Burmese history and the lives of local people. The sustainable tourism project we support there has been created by a family from the fishing village. They show tourists their land and their lives and thus create a source of income for the local population.

Explore the authentic life in a typical fishing village. The tour is being organized by a small local NGO that contributes to generating sustainable income for the local community of Maung Shwe Lay through international guests. Your guide will lead you through the village and tell you a lot about local life. Then you drive with an oxcart to explore the area. At lunchtime a homemade lunch will be served.

FAQ About Myanmar Roundtrips

The best time to travel in Myanmar is from October to March. During these months the temperatures are most pleasant and there is little rainfall. In October, there can still be isolated heavy rainfall, but nature then blossoms in lush green.

The official language in Myanmar is Burmese, English is not very common and sometimes only spoken in the main tourism areas. Especially in the rural areas English is not spoken.

The main Religion in Myanmar is as in most Asian countries Buddhism.

If you are satisfied with your guide, US$ 6 – 8 per day is a reasonable tip, drivers get a little less. In the restaurant, you usually leave a little change.