Best Travel Time for Cambodia

Before you start planning your trip to Cambodia, you should think about which months are best for getting to know the country at its best. To relieve you of this step, this blog post will provide you with the most important information about the best travel time for Cambodia.

Kambodscha - Siem Reap - Angkor - Angkor Wat

The monsoon affects the tropical climate in Cambodia. This leads to a dry season between November and March and a rainy season between April and October. Since there is hardly any rainfall in the dry season and the temperatures are usually between pleasant 25 and 30 degrees, the time between November and March is the best time to travel to Cambodia. At night, the temperatures are around 20 degrees, which provides a welcome cool down after hot days.

At around 50%, the air humidity is relatively low, making carefree, active travel easier. It should be borne in mind that it is getting cooler in the mountain regions of Cambodia, such as the Elephant Mountains or the Cardamom Mountains. Temperatures of 10 degrees must then be expected there at night.

November shows the flora in all its glory, from March the temperatures rise

November turns out to be a special month within the best travel time for Cambodia: the rainy season is over, the plants appear in lush green and thus contribute to a magnificent overall picture of the country.

In March, the dry season is coming to an end, which also leads to a rise in temperature: Temperatures of up to 35 degrees prevail, and the air humidity also increases. Cooling off can then make a detour to the higher provinces of Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri in the east of the country on the border with Vietnam.

Kambodscha - Independence Beach

The rainy season and the best travel time for Cambodia are not mutually exclusive

The rainy season between April and October also has its charm and is also regarded by some travelers as the best travel time for Cambodia. Compared to the hottest month of April, the temperatures drop somewhat in the following months, but they are still up to 35 degrees with a humidity of over 90%. Due to the rain, the flora is greener than ever, great backdrops lure!

During this time there are also fewer travelers on the road, which causes prices for accommodation and flights to drop. It is also good to know that rainy season in Cambodia rarely means that it rains for days at a time. No, heavy, but short precipitation often falls in the afternoon, so that sunshine can often be expected in the morning.

Perhaps the rainy season will also turn out to be the best travel time for Cambodia in the future? For a non-binding travel advice, contact the Cambodia travel experts at Green Tiger Travel at any time.

Ruinen von Angkor

November to March is an excellent time to travel, but the rainy season is not to be despised either

In summary, the dry season between November and March is ideal for your trip to Cambodia. It hardly rains and with a humidity of around 50%, there are no obstacles to city tours and sporting activities.

However, as is so often the case with countries in Southeast Asia, there is no clear answer to the question of the perfect travel time for Cambodia. So the rainy season between April and October may turn out to be the best travel time for Cambodia. Make friends with shorter downpours, don’t be intimidated by the high humidity and you will have a great trip with free accommodation.

As this blog post showed you, Cambodia does not have the best travel time. Rather, it depends on your preferences and wishes which travel period we would recommend. For a non-binding offer for your tailor-made Cambodia trip, please contact our Cambodia specialists. The Green Tiger Travel team already wishes you a good trip.