Individual Cruises in Southeast Asia

As a specialist for Southeast Asia, the travel experts of Green Tiger design your individual journey. Also, on our cruises we go beyond the standard program and design your personal land program as well. Each trip is designed according to your wishes. Thus, you can combine the comfortable cruise with first-class expertise on site. All from one hand.

Contact the Green Tiger Southeast Asia Travel Experts for a personal travel consultation.



Please contact us for personal travel advice and the start of your individual holiday.

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At its 4,500 km, the world’s twelfth longest river flows through a truly remarkable area. Originating in China, the Mekong forms the border between Laos and Myanmar. Further south, after the Golden Triangle, it is the border river between Laos and Thailand. Then it flows through Cambodia and finally flows through the legendary Mekong Delta in the South China Sea. The Mekong is navigable in large parts and thus offers itself as an optimal means of transport for a Southeast Asia traveler.

Each trip we design individually according to your preferences. We especially adapt the landing program according to your wishes.

Attactions on Our Mekong Cruises

There are unforgettable places either directly on the Mekong or reachabel within short trips. Other attractions in the Mekong area are even worth an own trip:

  • The original north of Thailand
  • Mythical Golden Triangle - Border region of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site - the temple city Luang Prabang
  • Laos' cozy capital Vientiane
  • Trip over the Tonle Sap
  • Cambodia's historic capital Phnom Penh
  • Siem Reap with its UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the temples of Angkor
  • The legendary Mekong Delta
  • The South Vietnamese metropolis Saigon

Other Cruises in Southeast Asia

Besides on the Mekong we are also organising cruises in Halong Bay in northern Vietnam or at the Irrawaddy in Myanmar. Also you can book indiviudal cruises with us on the Chao Phraya and Kwai in Thailand.

Just contact our travel experts. We are looking forward to design your personal trip.

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