Green Tiger Premium Tours

Travel experience at the highest level

With our Green Tiger Premium Tours, we enrich your life with extraordinary travel experiences. We design premium trips that correspond exactly to your attitude towards life and your desire for freedom. Similar to a manufactory, each trip is specially and individually adapted to your wishes, so to speak “hand-crafted”.

Our premium trips are designed from the tailor-made combination of extraordinary experiences and special, stylish accommodations. These are special trips for the highest demands with a lot of comfort and elegance, where foreign cultures become an experience.

Enjoy and discover with us the most beautiful travel destinations in Southeast Asia, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, on new, unusual paths. Benefit from our many years of experience and experience trips full of unforgettable moments. We also design and plan your own personal premium trip on various occasions and individual topics, such as Honeymoon, romantic getaway for two, wellness or golf.

The world belongs to those who enjoy it!

Would you like luxury and comfort? Then let our qualified team of experts inspire and advise you.